As a Hospitality and Tourism Management Major I have had to plan my fair share of events.  The list below showcases a few events that I have helped plan in the past few years at GVSU.

Presidents’ Ball 2010 and 2011

This is one of Grand Valley’s largest traditions. It is thrown to honor the Student Body President and also the President of the University.  Through the majority of the fall semester and a good half of the winter semester planning a dinner for more than 500 and a dance for 4,000.  This all campus event is an amazing time for the University to come together and celebrate the years accomplishments.

Please stay tuned for pictures of the events.

Blood Sweat and Cash Week

Hosted by my fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi

With help I planned a week long of events to raise awareness and funds for the American Red Cross.   Each day showcased a different aspect of the organization.  We had more than 100 people sign up to donate their time in the future for The Red Cross.

Club GV

Also hosted by my fraternity, I planned the first Laker Late Night of the semester in 2011 to give new students to campus a fun first night out! This event raises awareness about the danger of alcohol abuse through a slide show and collaboration with the Concealing Center at GV.  More than 1,000 students attend this dance that encompasses a great educational component.

Fashion Show

Put on by my event planning class in Spring of 2010 we put on a fashion for the Women’s Center and Career Services to impress upon students the importance of dressing up for an interview.  The event took collaboration with the GV community to also sponsor a clothing drive to give students gently used professional clothes to add to their wardrobes.


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