Campus Life Night


Campus Life Night is the first night students on campus can meet and greet with all of the student organizations that Grand Valley has to offer. It is located in the Fieldhouse and hosts more than 300 different organizations and companies.  I personally worked the Student Senate table recruiting future senators and informing people about Senate in general.

So What?

Campus Life Nights is one of the biggest reasons I am involved in college.  As a freshman at GV I had no idea the impact that  getting involved on campus would have on me.  Campus Life Night from the other side (the involved side) is a completely different world. I believe that ones experiences outside the classroom shape who they will be in the “real world” after college.  Knowing the impact that involvement has had on my life it is easy to explain to prospective students that getting involved can only positively impact their lives.

For Student Senate, I was in charge of recruiting and promoting Senate to the student body for the night.  This creates an interesting challenge because I have to entice students to join something that they may not have thought about previously and also explain the duties of “holding public office”. I think it is an amazing opportunity I have that I can inspire others similar to the way someone inspired me three years ago on this same night.  As an older member of Senate I have learned many of the “ins and outs” of the organization.  I have learned the importance and prestige that comes with being a senator. Through the passion that I have for Senate, I show other students the importance of getting involved in their community.

Now What?

Many students choose to join Senate following Campus Life Night.  After they go through an interview process they may selected to be apart of Senate. If appointed, it is my job to teach these New Senators all of the knowledge I have about our organization.

As a Vice President, it is my job to make Senators feel comfortable sharing  their ideas and opinions on how we can enhance Grand Valley.  I work hard to make sure that every New Senator has the opportunity to grow to their full potential.

I think that Campus Life Night is a vital part of getting involved at Grand Valley and is a great event to help students find out where they fit in the Grand Valley Community and what role they can fill.